Past Life - Hypnotherapy

I would imagine everyone at some point in their lives questions their existence! Why are we here? What is my purpose? Is there anything after death? Have I been here before? So many questions and not enough answers. Reincarnation is accepted as normal in many parts of the world by many different cultures and there is much evidence of children remembering their past lives. Some of these families have actually found the child's previous past life families. Every client that comes to me for a past life regression has a different reason. It could be that the client is just curious to experience the session. Some clients come because everything else has failed and they want to try to understand more. Not everyone has been Cleopatra or Princess Diana and most past lives are pretty box standard. However, they will have a theme, and that theme can give insight into the life they are experiencing now. We have soul families that journey with us and these souls play out different roles. It is amazing to see what comes to light in a past life hypnotherapy regression. The client enters a lovely relaxed state of hypnosis, and is able to communicate with the hypnotherapist at all times. The therapist leads them back through time to see what significant memories arise. It may be that trauma has been brought over from a past life, or a contract with other souls is still working through this life time. Whatever it is, if closure is needed then the client is able to leave everything in that lifetime where it belongs. A past life regression session can help a client to understand more about the life they are currently living, gives a higher insight into their spiritual journey and help heal damaged relationships. Every journey is different, amazing and unique.

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