90-minute Workshop at Wixams!

It was a good turnout from our mums and birth partners at the 90-minute workshop today. I think there were some wide eyes in the group with some of the things they saw (without giving too much away) and the feedback was exceptionally good. Our mums and birth partners are really getting into the swing of it in this hypnobirthing visualisation!

Although this workshop is only 90 minutes it is packed with information to start you on your way to hypnobirthing with breathing exercises and visualisations and everyone was pretty calm and chilled by the time it finished!

There is always the opportunity to go deeper and learn more to successfully hypnobirth, but the techniques learned today will certainly make a difference when you are in labour and when you put them into practice.

I feel really privileged and blessed that all of you mums and birth partners have entrusted me to help you make a difference to the way your baby comes into the world. I cannot express the joy that I get helping you all, and giving you the information so you can make empowered decisions about the way you give birth.

Knowing that I have helped you understand what will help and what will not help you to bring the next generation into the world in a calmer way, is a such an amazing vocation. Hypnobirthing calmness can never be underestimated because a Calm Mum, leads to a Calm Birth, leads to a Calm Baby.

I hope you all let me know how you are getting on and I would love to see pictures of your babies on my page (or by text or e mail if you prefer not to post).

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