Chocolate or not to Chocolate? Now that is the Question!

Updated: May 26, 2019

The recent Mind Body Spirit Festival at Flitwick where I had a pitch was a huge success. I carried out 22 sessions of hypnotherapy tasters and the feedback was fabulous.

One lady in particular asked me if I could help with her chocolate addiction. The taster sessions were around 20 minutes each and usually an addiction can take one or a few sessions depending on the type of addiction. Anyway, I said I would try to help. I did a 20-minute session with her totally relaxed and helped her sub conscious to accept the suggestions that she was no longer interested in chocolate. I had told her I didn’t know how much we could achieve in 20 minutes but 'hey-ho' lets give it a go!

To my surprise I received a call from her 2 weeks later saying she was absolutely amazed she had not wanted a single piece of chocolate since! She said she still had bars of chocolate and her favourite M & Ms in the house, but had no desire to even taste them. The power of suggestion to the subconscious with hypnotherapy to rewire our brain never ceases to amaze me! 

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