Driving me mad??

One of my latest clients was suffering from driving anxiety. Despite having passed her driving test a year beforehand she had lost her confidence to drive and was taking extra driving lessons. When she came to see me, she was anxious and during the initial consultation it became apparent that her current driving teacher did not appear to be helping!

She came for 2 hypnotherapy sessions - the first for the consultation and for her to experience being in a state of hypnosis. During that session we released the fear and installed positivity. She reported her next driving lessons had been a good one. Even thought she had made a couple of mistakes she dealt with them confidently.

At her second hypnotherapy session I took her through reality driving and desensitisation installing positivity and confidence. She had a lesson the following day and this is her testimony!

“I had an amazing drive today. I drove for an hour and half straight like I had always been driving. I was calm and in control at all times, making safe confident decisions. My new instructor was funny and positive throughout. We talked the whole time like I was just taking a relative for a drive. The difference with my more relaxed confident mindset and the change of instructor made so much difference. Thank you for helping me see a change was needed. I would probably have carried on with the lady instructor not progressing at all as I was becoming so anxious about her negativity towards my ability to drive. I am excited about taking my car for a drive now, like you said. Thank you for your help.”


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