What an enormous word! We all experience being grateful at times. Grateful for a present, grateful for someone who cares or something nice unexpected but for me I learned ‘grateful’ is one of the most life changing words and experiences in our vocabulary! Every experience that I have had that has hurt me, or people that have let me down, or relationships that haven’t worked out… I am GRATEFUL. Why? Because I breathe! Because I have experienced life and emotion! Because I am lucky that I have been able to use that experience and create something new! Every breath is precious, every time we change direction, meet a new friend, create a new path, learn something new is precious! If we didn’t experience challenge how can we grow? How can we

change and experience this life to its fullest! I am GRATEFUL to everyone who has changed my path, my first unhappy marriage with all the awful things that went with it, GRATEFUL, I now have a fabulous husband who is supportive and to me my Mr Wonderful, people I have worked with who I felt treated me. GRATEFUL, they put me on a path to retrain and have freedom, time and to do what I love doing, friends that have gone their own way… GRATEFUL because I appreciate what I have, the friends I have and who I am! There are always different ways to look at things and just being able to breathe, love, live, experience, change to different paths what a wonderful gift we have while we are here! Don’t waste time being sad for too long, don’t waste time wishing things were different, don’t waste time hoping things will change, DO IT, make a small change, make a BIG change whatever you can find in your life however small, find time to be GRATEFUL then you will see the biggest change of all! If you are struggling to see the positive in life, have lost focus and need to change HYPNOTHERAPY can help you make those changes. Contact Elizabeth on 07966093577 for Change with Gratitude Hypnotherapy Sessions and find the positive YOU!! Have a Fabulous Day Everyone.

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