Laughter with Hypnobirthing!

Updated: May 26, 2019

I met with this young couple for their hypnobirthing sessions. Once into the first session I started the hypnotherapy and they both started roaring with laughter!

They laughed so much the tears ran down her face. As much as they wanted to learn they found the whole thing hilarious! After the 4th attempt to gain a relaxed state of hypnosis but to no avail as they both kept laughing so much and me laughing with them, where shall I go from here, I thought.

So, I decided to abandon the hypnotherapy part for now and do something different. Hmmm I said… have you ever seen a hypnobirthing baby born? 

No, they replied I said let’s watch one and see what you think. I then proceeded to show them one of our KG Hypnobirthing mums giving birth on a recorded DVD.

The room went silent! As I watched both had their eyes wide open and their jaws dropped! At the end of the DVD, my expecting mum said “OMG is that really possible” I said yes, it is, absolutely it is!

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They DVD showed the mum so calm that it was difficult to believe she was even in labour and when the baby appeared in a water bath, he didn’t even realise he had been born. He had come from a warm environment, born to a calm controlled mum, in body temperature water and then straight up onto her chest to hear her heartbeat! Not a murmur! What a wonderful way to be born!... I looked at them both and said… would you like to try the hypnobirthing meditations again now? Absolutely they said and lay back and closed their eyes! This first-time mum gave birth a week ago and this is what she said….

The labour went really well - the midwives couldn't believe I was in final stages as I was so relaxed! I used my mind a lot. What an incredible experience birth is. Still can't believe he is here. Thank you for Hypnobirthing sessions, we learnt so much xx

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