Whose hat are you wearing?

We all had a fabulous 3-day seminar with IPEC Energy Coaching this weekend at Richmond. Most of the ground we covered is already included in our Self-Empowerment Workshops but now we have additional tools to share with you. Core Energy Coaching helps you identify where your blocks are and release those limiting beliefs! Just think, how more empowered you will be, when you release your conditioning! The conditioning laid down by society, parents, friends, television, teachers etc… you are a product of these limiting beliefs! Think how empowered you will be when you can look outside of the hat you wear… mother, daughter, father, son, brother, sister, child, parent, employee, friend… how many hats do you really wear?? Who are you?? Can you identify with your essence? Core Energy Workshops can help you to let go of your pre-conceptions and step into the real you!

Starting September with Core Energy Coaches… come and explore your real potential!

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